(work in progress)For some women motherhood is a powerful desire. Today infertility rates have increased and women are waiting longer before attempting pregnancy. Therefore, more and more babies are born through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), making fertility treatments a part of our daily lives. Since the first test-tube baby in 1978 there has been more than 8 millions births conceived through fertility treatments, yet the main conversation around this topic remains on the political and ethical controversies. Heterosexual couples, same-sex or single women, who should have access to the treatment? This is an ongoing battle deferring dramatically from country to country. However, what is it like to actually go through any of these treatments? How does it personally affect them on a psychological, physical and emotional level? The aim of this project is to focus on the intimate story of the women who impart on this journey. It’s an inward dive into the self-reflective aspect that women take on, illustrating their emotional rollercoaster ride. Some are successful, some are not, some give up after the first try, and some insist and try several treatments. No matter their situation, perseverance or results, they all agree that it has been one of the most difficult experiences they have done in their lives.

This video was used for the succesful indiegogo campaign to raise fund for the post-production, which we are currently in.

Volviendo a la Tierra (Returning to Earth)

(work in progress)

“Volviendo a la Tierra” is a documentary, currently in post-production, that combines the traditions of mythological tales with the search for a life in harmony with our planet. It is a story about the discovery of oneself, through the reconnection with nature, exploring different ways of living, which are more in balance with our environment. It is a spiritual adventure, in a world full of myths and symbology, where we accompany an animated fox, who in her quest encounters various characters from the desert, which point out different ways of how to interact with our natural environment in a more harmonious way. The fox represents ones inner quest to find this balance on a personal level, while the animated mythological beings represent individuals from Baja California Sur, who exemplify ways of living closer to the earth, returning to ancient practices with permaculture approaches. Each of the interviewees are people of diverse origins who have decided to create a change in their lives, their communities, and the environment, where our planet is better respected and cared for. "Vovliendo a la Tierra" is a documentary that gives an introduction to the world of sustainability and permaculture in order to inspire and open the collective and self-dialogue, how a change can be generated, creating more harmony in our lives and with our environment.

The style of the animation changed since the indiegogo campaign, here are some updates of what it looks like now:

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In this personal project I used photography as a healing tool. A vehicle to dive into my inner self, and bring light to that part of me I keep pushing deeper into the abyss.